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Disrupt shoppers’ autopilot and increase in-store engagement

Over 90% of the factors that influence shoppers in-store work on a subconscious level and therefore cannot be detected with traditional market research techniques. Packaging Optimiser uses a combination of advanced research techniques to measure how shoppers really react (consciously and subconsciously) to your packaging.

This innovative technique helps you to significantly increase attention, engagement and conversion levels that your packaging can achieve. Get more sales by activating implicit shopper reactions and make an impact in those crucial first two seconds. The solution offers a range of options from fast topline tests to in-depth analysis and is suitable for all stages of product and packaging development.

Our methodology combines:


Eye Tracking

Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers pack engagement



Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and reveal subconscious reactions.


Message Decoding

Pinpoint the design elements responsible for conscious and subconscious pack messages.


Conjoint Analysis

Measure the impact individual pack design elements have on sales conversion.

Identify and refine the sales maximising design.

Decode how packs attract, engage and convert

Quantify sales impact of individual design elements.

Activating unconscious drivers in-store increases sales conversion by up to 200%

Statistically proven technique delivers higher accuracy of sales forecast


Tried and tested across FMCG, electronics and household products.


Shelf appeal test available across all store formats and markets.


Emotional Logic is a global agency and can help you realise packaging research in more than 30 markets world-wide

To find out how Packaging Optimiser can help you increase conversion rates in store please Email Us .