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Deep Dive

Increase emotional brand pull across diverse markets

Emotions drive your brand. But which emotions are the most important? And what do they mean in different markets? Our unique methodology enables you to develop one clear brand hierarchy with strong emotional pull across all your key markets. We seperate emotions that drive purchasing behaviour from other (nice to have) feelings about your brand. We also measure the impact of implicit emotional drivers on brand attachment.

The end result is a brand proposition that owns the key category emotions, is distinct from other brands and has a deep resonance with consumer across markets.

Our methodology combines:

NLP Depth Interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their brand connection.


Implicit Brand Positioning

Benchmark your brand against core competitors with regards to activating implicit emotional reactions critical in your category.


Correlation Analysis

Statistical analysis measures which emotions drive sales and repeat sales. Ensuring focus on emotions that make a difference to the bottom line.

Gain competitive advantage and own core category drivers through imagery and symbols.

Ensure brand drivers are distinct from the competition and relevant with consumers across all markets.

Clear and succinct debrief rich in customer videos and imagery to bring the emotional territories to life.

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