Fixture Optimiser

Decode how consumers really shop
Over 90% of the factors that influence shoppers in-store work on a subconscious level and therefore cannot be detected with traditional market research techniques. Fixture Optimiser detects and quantifies those factors, enabling you to maximise engagement and sales conversion in-store.
This innovative technique combines eye tracking, biosensors, observation and specialist depth interviews to reveal what really happens in-store.

Our methodology combines:

Eye Tracking

Reveals what captures shoppers’ attention and what triggers key shopping behaviours observed in store


Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and pinpoint specific triggers for emotional reactions

NLP Depth Interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to reveal the underlying emotional drivers that influence purchasing


In-store video recording quantifies how many shoppers display different behaviours and measures sales conversion

MRS Award recognised technique

Understand how shoppers really navigate a fixture or in-store environments

Decode how fixtures attract, engage and convert

Quantify sales impact of design elements, shelf position and packaging

Activating unconscious drivers in-store increases sales conversion by up to 200%

Statistically prove the value of design elements and benchmark against competitors


Our solution works in any retail or leisure environment – not limited to store fixtures


Tried and tested across all store formats from hypermarket to trader stalls


Emotional Logic is a global agency and can help you realise shopper research in more than 30 markets world-wide

To find out how Fixture Optimiser can help you increase conversion rates in store please Email Us .