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Get more attention for your content

Communication has explicit and implicit effects. Recall and memory based assessment captures only a fraction of the true power of your communication. Even without the viewer being aware of it, their unconscious mind can receive an impression that will impact on long- term brand loyalty and price elasticity.

Creative Optimiser is not a test for creative work – instead it analyses how advertising and digital communication in your category works – explicitly and implicitly – to derive powerful, universal insights that will help you increase effectiveness of all your future communication.
Suitable for all digital or traditional media formats and any viewing device. There a three levels of assessment from a fast, topline test to in-depth analysis, so it will suit your timeline and budget.

Our methodology combines:
Eye Tracking

Reveals which elements of the communication and it’s context (e.g. the surrounding editorial) catch viewers’ attention.


Physiological measures identify stress and excitement levels and pinpoint specific triggers for emotional reactions.

NLP Depth Interviews

Apply language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow respondents to reveal the underlying drivers of their behavioural reactions.

MRS award recognised methodology

Understand explicit and implicit communication effects in your category

Pinpoint specific words, sounds and visuals that trigger buying behaviour

Derive universal insights to increase implicit power of all future communication

Increasing implicit communication power can triple response rates.


Statistically prove the impact of implicit communication on brand perceptions


Significantly increase attention, engagement and conversion of communication


Develop guidelines to enable teams to easily judge the implicit power of campaign executions


Quantify the effect of different media and context on message effectiveness

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