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Award-winning insight that delivers business impact

Emotional Logic provides Behavioural Science based consumer insight proven to deliver commercial results.
Human beings switch seamlessly between unconscious, emotional gut reactions and logical step by step thinking. Traditional market research techniques only reveal part of the picture. Emotional Logic combines established market research techniques with tools from neuro science and psychology to discover what really drives behaviour. In a decade of behavioural science based research we have integrated over 30 tools into our tool box to deliver effective and reliable measurement of implicit and explicit reactions. The result for you is better insight, clearer actions and more power to influence consumer behaviour.

Research solutions

Own the critical subconscious factors that drive consumption in your category.

Optimise the subconscious effects of packaging to attract more attention and convert buyers.

Increase the powerful unconscious effects your brand communication has on viewers.

Optimise the subconscious power of your in-store presence to engage more buyers.

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Tried & tested solutions
Based on the latest insight from neuroscience and psychology, our innovative techniques are proven to deliver actionable insight across product categories and have been successfully applied in more than 30 countries world-wide.

High client satisfaction
Emotional Logic is rated 4.8 out of 5 for new insight delivery and overall project satisfaction by our on-going client survey. Our Net Promoter Score is 81%.

Actionable results
Though our methods may be complex – your debrief will be clear, concise and full of directly actionable insights. Cutting edge product displays, ad campaigns and standout packaging are built on our insight.

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