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Trust your customers’ instinct

Buying behaviour is driven by consumers’ unconscious instincts. No other agency knows the consumer’s unconscious mind better than Emotional Logic. We specialise in understanding how the unconscious mind works, how it reacts to brands, communication and store environments and essentially how it can be influenced for the benefit of your business.

Ground-breaking insight
Working with Emotional Logic will revolutionise your understanding of customers and their true motivations. Get a massive jump ahead of the competition and bust the myths in your sector or product category.
Tried & tested solutions
Based on the latest insight from neuroscience our innovative techniques are proven to deliver actionable insight across product categories. Our tools have been successfully applied on over 100 brands and in more than 30 countries world-wide.
Actionable results
Though our methods may be complex – your debrief will be clear, concise and full of directly actionable insights. Cutting edge retail destinations, store fixtures, ad campaigns and standout packaging have been built on our insight.

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Instinct drives behaviour

You know what your customers consciously think – they have told you so in surveys and focus groups.
Trouble is – customers conscious minds are not solely in charge. We believe we make conscious, rational decisions all the time – but the truth is: we humans are emotion and instinct driven beings. And that is something your previous research will have had difficulty picking up. But fret not – Emotional Logic will give you the answers you are looking for.

Research solutions

Brand Tracking
Track unconscious drivers of consumption, loyalty, satisfaction, and brand love
Communication Optimiser
Discover the powerful unconscious effects your brand communication has on consumers
Motivations Deep Dive
Identify the critical subconscious factors that drive consumption in your category
Fixture Optimiser
See what really happens at your fixture to influence shoppers subconsciously

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